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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Episode 3: Not Talking Halloween

Welcome to the third episode of the Saturday Night Hot Spot after show, Hosted by Steve, Glen and Peter. 

The show opens with our new intro provided by the free samples from APPLE.
Today on the show we talked about many things, especially with halloween coming up and the funny thing is we didn't even talk about anything to do with halloween.

So please see below for things we talked out.
Things we Talked/Mentioned about:
- Equipment in the studio (
- Buying Online (
- Mars
- Alien Boat People on Mars
- Christmas in the radio station
- The View (
- Judge Judy
- Reality Shows
- CSI w/ Justin Beiber
- Cold Case
- Justin Beiber (
- Lady Gaga (
- Google (
- Lindsay Lohan
- TMZ (
- MTV (
- Wall Street Journal (
- Skins US Trailer (HORRIBLE!)
- BBC America (
- Antiques Roadshow
- Channel 9 (
- Eddie McGuire

The show ends with with a scene from Step Brothers (

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Episode 2: Lunch Room Egging

In this special lunch room edition, today we talk about how Peter just happen to get his house egged, which we totally find hilarious here in the studio.  But also we talk about how Australia needs to get a new capital territory, so we through some places out there.

The show starts with the new intro and ends with possibly the most so called controversy of the week with Bill from Fox News making Whoopi Goldberg walk off stage.

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See you next time!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Episode 1: Rally To Restore Podcasting

Welcome to the first ever episode of the "Saturday Night Hot Spot" After show podcast (Rally To Restore Podcasting) it's off the record.  Explicit and sometime down right wrong.  On this podcast we talk to you about things we can't say on the air, sure it's the first episode but give us a break.  More episodes will be produced eventually when we're not busy.

As for now, enjoy the episode and see you next time.

Fox News 11 - Blooper (Intro)
Creative Screen Writing Magazine - (Break)

Show's Mentioned:
Jon Stewart -
Stephen Colbert -
Saturday Night Hot Spot -

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