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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Episode 56

Welcome to Episode 56 of Saturday Night Live. The Royals are in town! Will and Kate hit the Blue Mountains, and check out the rest of Sydney. It’s a shame they didn’t stop off at the 2MCR studios… maybe next time!
We also covered the local events, local issues, Barry leaving, too!
First song: “Knives On Both Sides” by Ex-Cult
Second song: “When Winter’s Over” by Torres
Third song: “I Like It Small” by Mudhoney
All songs on this podcast are provided by the Free Music Archive.
You can find us online: – @2MCRSNL on twitter, and we’re also on Facebook and every other social networking site.

See you next week.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Episode 55

Today on the show we cover everything from football to soccer to swimming to other things. Also TV news, Ultimate Warrior, and much more!

Song 1: Picture It All by Lorenzo's Music
Song 2: Benediction by Mr. Bitterness and the Guilty Pleasues
Song 3: Unconscious Bliss by Sans Nom
Song 4: Basement by Las Kellies 

All music on this podcast is provided by the Free Music Archive.

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Episode 54

We pulled double duty this week! Last night we had our Friday Night Detox special! And tonight we have another episode of Saturday Night Live. This time with music provided by the Free Music Archive. Mostly because we wanted to spice up the podcast version of the show. Also on the show we have all the latest sports results, television news in Australia, and a little bit in America. Also what is going on in the local area. You can find us online over at or by sending an email to See you next week. 

Friday Night Detox

Welcome to the first (and most definitely last ever) episode of the Friday Night Detox. 

We were in the 2MCR studies pre-recording our Saturday Night Live show when we got told that the Friday Night presenters weren't coming in, so what do we do? Well, we take over the Friday Night 10PM-12AM time slot, obviously!

But please make sure to listen to the Friday Tripout  (Classic Rock/comedy) with Marcus & Kath - every Friday night from 10PM-12AM.

You can also listen to us every Saturday Night from 6-8PM on, also on TuneIn Radio, and also find us at

See you next time!